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By definition, a Chamber of Commerce is the premier business advocacy group in a community.  dscf6310
In practice, the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce meets that statement with its continuing efforts to maintain and enhance the business communities of Jackson County and it's municipalities.

One of the prime components of strong and effective business communities is the manner in which the members of this group become involved in issues which affect not only their business interests, but also the quality of life which they and their family enjoy. It's crucial that the business community have a strong voice that is heard and respected in regards to such issues.

It's incumbent upon the Chamber to be that voice of business, that clarion cry that speaks to those issues that help promote the development of not only the local economy, but the development of the community as a whole.

Your Chamber is just such a voice. And it's not just a solo voice, but one made up of a multitude of diverse members of our business community, all adding a different perspective and a different voice that, when combined, results in the music of the sounds of economy: cash registers ringing, city coffers filling, and the sound of the name of Jackson County businesses and communities rolling off the tongues of customers.

This voice is not only limited to issues of a direct economic impact. The Chamber, through its Board of Directors and membership, has and will be a viable part of dealing with the issues, both governmental and regulatory, that have an impact on our members. As the voice of reason, your Chamber can assure that the business community that is represents is both represented and treated fairly at the local, state and federal levels on issues that impact businesses both large and small.

The Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is a strong and integral part of the business community of Jackson County. While your Chamber does not support individual candidates, our members do and will. We're proud that the Chamber is able to furnish non-biased information on issues that will affect our lives, both business and personal, as well as having a membership that understands that being a part of the process of government helps assure prosperity for all.

The end function of a Chamber of Commerce is to create and retain wealth. Having a membership that is concerned with not only economic but governmental issues only strengthens that mission. The voice of business is strong in Jackson County due to the commitment and influence of the business community through the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

Rick Roden
Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
Past Chairman of the Board, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama

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The Chamber in Jackson County continues its main role as an active leader and facilitator in bringing together the resources of Jackson County agencies and organizations to promote cooperation, credibility, and communication while providing the means of quality growth in the community. The main focus will always be towards the small businesses of Jackson County.

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