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Brownwood Elementary School (K-4)
Gary Spears, Principal

Caldwell Elementary School (K-4)
Vic Griggs, Principal

Thurston T. Nelson Elementary School (K-4)
Dale Hancock, Principal

James Ray Collins Elementary School (5- 6)
Julie Petty, Principal

Scottsboro Jr. High School (7-8)
Jason Hass, Principal

Scottsboro High School (9-12)
Brad Dudley, Principal



Central Office:

Dr. Sandra Spivey, Superintendent
305 South Scott Street
Scottsboro, AL 35768
Phone: 256-218-2100


Board Members:

Mr. Daryl Eustace, Board President

Dr. Judy McCrary

Mr. John Esslinger

Mrs. Julie Gentry

Mrs. Hollie Thompson 


There are approximately 2700 students currently enrolled in the Scottsboro City School System. This has been the average annual enrollment for the past five years.

All students in grades three through eight are administered the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT) and the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10) in the spring of each school year. All students in grade ten are given a Pre-Alabama High School Graduation Exam and all students in grade eleven are given the Alabama High School Graduation Exam in the spring of each school year. Students are assessed in Language, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students who do not pass the exam as an eleventh grader are given four opportunities to pass it prior to graduation. The ARMT and the AHSGE are compliant with NCLB legislation.

All students in grades kindergarten through three are given the DIBELS assessment. This assessment is a set of standardized, individually administered measures of early literacy development. They are designed to be short (one minute) fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of pre-reading and early reading skills. This assessment is given three times a year.
Students that have severe cognitive disorders may participate in the Alabama Alternate Assessment (AAA). Only one percent of all students enrolled in Scottsboro City Schools can participate in the AAA.

Scottsboro City Schools provide numerous athletic opportunities by offering a variety of sports at Scottsboro Junior High and Scottsboro High School. Athletics of the Scottsboro City Schools are rich in tradition and are recognized statewide for their excellence. In addition to developing skill in a sport, the purpose is to provide each participant with experiences that will be positive and memorable and that develop the capacity for commitment to a cause, acceptance of responsibility, and loyalty toward any chosen endeavor. Scottsboro City Schools have a full time Athletic Director on staff.

Scottsboro High School students have received over one million dollars in accepted scholarship money for the last four years. This consists of approximately 53 different types of scholarships distributed over 41% of graduating students. An estimated one in five students who graduate from Scottsboro High School will likely receive institutional university scholarship funding for their college education. The community of Scottsboro annually contributes approximately $40,000 in locally generated scholarship money for Scottsboro High students.

The goal of Alabama's Career/Technical Education is to provide students access to a flexible system of rigorous school-and work-based learning. Scottsboro High school offers a Cosmetology Program. Pre-Vocational programs are available beginning with 8th grade. Students in grades 9-12 may attend Earnest Pruett Center for Technology Center as part of their High school Program.

Impact Learning Center, Scottsboro Educational Foundation, Drake Technical College, Northeast Alabama Community College, UAH, A&M, Jackson County Schools, City of Scottsboro, Earnest Pruett Center for Technology Center are partners with Scottsboro City Schools to provide a strong base for all our students.

Report cards are sent home at the end of each nine-week grading period for all schools. The reporting schedule is published yearly as part of the school calendar. Progress reports are sent home every 4 1/2 weeks. In all schools, the academic achievement is reported as a number grade.

The Tot ‘N' Teen Center is an on-site preschool program for twelve community four-year olds and serves as a training laboratory for students enrolled in parenting skills classes.
The First Step Program provides preparatory services for single parents and single pregnant women. The services include personal and academic counseling, parenthood education, childcare skills and career guidance.
Indian cultural heritage and art instruction are available to all students of Native American descent.
Gifted services strive to meet the individual needs of highly capable students through a continuum of services (K-12) that includes advanced academic and enrichment opportunities.
Video Teleconferencing is available at all schools. Dual enrollment at SHS is offered through video teleconferencing.

The Scottsboro City Schools' Special Education Program provides specialized educational instruction and related services to children with disabilities ages 3-21. An inclusive program, as well as a Functional Life Skills program is provided to help prepare for successful futures.

One of the greatest strengths in Scottsboro City Schools is the level of dedication and support by parents. Parents are involved in every school through volunteer programs, PTO membership and informal associations. Parents are always invited to visit the schools and become an active partner in education.

The After School Program is an after-school program for elementary students designed to provide time for supervised homework, art activities, games and play time, free reading, and enrichment activities.

The curriculum of Scottsboro City Elementary Schools builds a solid foundation in the basics for future educational experience to contribute to the student's total educational program. In addition to the basic curriculum, some innovative programs offered by the Scottsboro City Schools include School-wide Enrichment, Hands-on-Activity Science Program, Individualized Language Arts, visual arts, elementary music, and a physical fitness/wellness program. Scottsboro City Elementary Schools strive to provide a supportive school atmosphere that will impart a feeling of security and a sense of belonging.

Instruction at the Junior High School is designed to provide a smooth transition from elementary to high school. Emphasis is place on providing opportunities for exploring and mastering areas of academics, athletics and special interests. Up to 99% of junior high school students are involved in some type of student activity program with emphasis on exploring and expanding interest rather than on competition.
A basic instructional and enrichment program of language arts, science, math, social studies and physical education is offered. Additionally, students may take courses in computer education, fishing, art, band, chorus, and French.

Scottsboro High School offers the highest quality of academic, career-tech, and athletic programs to approximately 750 students. Since its inception, the school has maintained full accreditation with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Blessed with an involved community and a first-rate staff, the school enjoys an excellent reputation among other schools within the state. The school's ability to consistently meet all annual yearly progress (AYP) goals of the No Child Left Behind law, and student achievement on the graduation exam is evidence of the high level of quality instruction that occurs. The entire staff at Scottsboro High School has created a caring, safe environment and is committed to helping all students reach their fullest academic, personal, and social potential.

All certified personnel employed by the Scottsboro City Board of Education must meet state certification standards as well as highly qualified status. More than 62% of the professional personnel hold a master's degree or higher.


The IMPACT Learning Center recognizes that a well educated workforce and a well trained workforce are key elements in economic and community development. Therefore it is the mission of the IMPACT Learning Center to provide basic education, job skills training, and higher educational opportunities to all the citizens of Jackson County, Alabama. By augmenting the interaction between the businesses of the community an public school systems in Jackson County, IMPACT helps to provide insight into the educational process and enhance the education of future employees; thereby providing a globally competitive business environment for Jackson County. 

Some of the classes and skills training sessions offer by IMPACT include:

  • Resume and Interview skills workshops
  • Globallly competitive cusstomer service workshops
  • Communication for work - spanish classes
  • Computer instruction/classes
  • Partnership with Northeast Alabama Adult Education through NACC - GED, Adult reading, English as a second language
  • Facilitate Interactive Video Conferences for high school classes


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Individually Managing Personal Achievement and Career Training


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